Picnic Like a Parisian

Picnic Like a Parisian

Your dream picnic in Paris awaits

Discover the flavors of Paris with a handcrafted artisanal picnic with a gorgeous view.

Choose from 3 menu options, carefully selected and of the highest quality, not found in supermarkets.

Each menu comes with a bottle of wine, seasonal fruit, bakery fresh baguette, nuts, cornichons, jam, sparkling water, and dessert: bakery tart & macarons.

  1. “Parisian Classique” - selection of cheese & charcuterie (non pork) with a red wine pairing.

  2. “Say Fromage!” - an all cheese board featuring 4 different French cheeses (vegetarian) with a white wine pairing.

  3. “Brunch at the Eiffel” - smoked salmon, cream cheese, quiche, and croissants with mimosas.

*please be sure to note your menu choice when requesting and be sure to mention any allergies or dietary restrictions. Supplemental charges may apply. Wine pairing can be changed without a fee. Upgrade to champagne or add an additional bottle for a fee $

Location: primary location is in the Champ de Mars park, in a grassy, secluded area with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Other locations such as the riverbank or other parks are available upon request.

About Picnic Like a Parisian

Picnic Like a Parisian was inspired by all that Paris has to offer: quality food & wine, and stunning views! As an American, I quickly ate up this lifestyle when I moved to Paris over 8 years ago.
Picnic Like a Parisian was created in 2019 as a passion project. The idea came from my best friend who was visiting, after I set up a picnic for us at the Eiffel Tower. I never knew the activity that I love so much would turn into a luxury service business, bringing a once in a lifetime experience to over 300+ clients and working with brands such as Clinique, St. Germain, and more.

If you’re looking for the original and most authentic, yet luxurious picnic experience that you can find in Paris, I am your gal!

Please do not hesitate to inquire with questions, or get to know me on my social channel! @discovereveryflavor