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Hello, I'm Patrycja, founder of Kemmuna Events, and I'm happy to tell you my story.
With over 10 years of experience in the event industry and events in various countries across Europe, I have had the great opportunity to experience a wide range of cultural influences and ideas.
The inspiration for Kemmuna Events came when I became a mother myself, during the turbulent times of the Corona pandemic. In these challenging moments, we as a family discovered the beauty of being outside and the power of creating positive experiences together. Our love for outdoor activities and longing for unique, shared moments led to the birth of the idea of Deluxe Picnics.
Kemmuna Events is not just about organizing events, but about creating experiences that leave lasting memories. Every detail is carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of elegance and comfort so that you and your loved ones can enjoy unforgettable moments outdoors.
I cordially invite you to let yourself be infected by my enthusiasm for deluxe picnics and to experience moments of joy, relaxation and connection in the countryside with me.

Welcome to Kemmuna Events!

Patrycja Moritz
Founder, Kemmuna Events

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